VICE Asks: What Are The Ethics of Getting High?

Jul. 20, 2016



VICE, in partnership with The Ethics Centre, will host a special panel discussion dedicated to the question, “What Are The Ethics of Getting High?” — taking place in Sydney on August 3.

Discussing everything from the ethics of drug supply chains and ingredients to the use of illicit substances at work, the event’s host and audience will hear from a selection of guests with a range of backgrounds bringing different viewpoints and understanding on the subject.

To announce the panel, the VICE video team travelled the country asking young Australians about drugs, their use, and the ethics surrounding the altered state.

Watch what they had to say here.

Says Royce Akers, VICE Editorial Director: “Young Australians care about what they put in or on their bodies. Drugs are no different and it’s important we talk about them.TheEthics of Getting High won’t be a debate over good or evil. It’ll be a considered exploration of how drug behaviour impacts on the environment, society, and the world at large.”

Dr Simon Longstaff, executive director at The Ethics Centre adds: “We sometimes have a willingness to overlook the ethics of things we enjoy, highlighting the benefits even though we know there’s more to it. With some drugs being illegal or extremely risky, we sweep away considered discussions. But with so many people trying and using drugs, they absolutely deserve more thought.”

Ahead of the event, VICE and The Ethics Centre are encouraging Australians to send in their own questions around the subject, to be discussed live by the panel.

To submit a question, and for a chance to attend the panel discussion, people can visit here.

Video footage and a podcast from the event will later be published on