Mar. 9, 2016



This month, VICE Sports Australia & New Zealand joined VICE’s established channels in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Spain — launching with video content featuring the world’s youngest ever #1 golfer Lydia Ko of New Zealand, Tanzanian/Australian boxing champion Omari Kimweri, 2016 Dakar Rally champion Toby Price, and Australian Wallaby Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins.

At the 2006 Commonwealth Games, Tanzanian boxer Omari Kimweri fled the athletes village with the intention to defect from Tanzania — spending nine months hiding on a tobacco farm 300km north of Melbourne. Ten years on, VICE Sports meets Kimweri in the lead up to his last chance at a World Title challenge. Watch it here.

At just 18 years of age, New Zealand golfer Lydia Ko is the youngest world golf #1 ever. On a rare day off, VICE Sports takes her into the Florida everglades for a spot of reptile handling. Watch it here.

VICE Sports caught up with Toby on his way to the local dirt bike track to talk about riding as a two year old, the struggle back from severe injury, the pleasure of pain and the thrill of winning the world’s toughest endurance race. Watch it here. You can also watch him teach you how to ‘whip’ a dirt bike here.

We also bailed out of an aeroplane with one of Rugby Union’s most colourful characters Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins. Nick discusses his nickname and how he got it, the time he fired a rocket launcher in Cambodia, how he developed his swag of Aussie colloquialisms, and what terrifies him about jumping from a small aircraft at 1400 ft. Watch it here.

Says VICE Sports AUNZ Editor Andy Bellairs, “VICE Sports will chronicle sports and the role of sports in society in our region and beyond. We publish original, reported, and researched stories, as well as videos that take you inside the lives of athletes on and off the field. The goal for Vice Sports Australia and New Zealand is to tell more of these great, entertaining stories. The sort of stories that have the audience wanting to know more about the athlete and the game.”

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